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ePub 3 with Bento NeweBook specifications

eBooks in XHTML5 with Unicode-based fonts

Bento NeweBook is committed to ensuring a rich reading experience for everyone through their multi-platform Mc Graw Hill Education Connect® reading system.
Connect® provides readers access to their content where and when they want – offline on Windows or Mac machines; online using standard browsers; and on mobile devices for iOS and Android.
A rich reading experience requires more than a device with the right version of Mc Graw Hill Education Connect.
We know that production of the highest quality content relies on consistent production standards and technology. That’s why Bento NeweBook adheres to the EPUB 3 specifications defined by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Conforming to the IDPF EPUB 3 Specifications ensures that consistency across operating platforms while enabling support of interactive elements and other features.

Connect® Requirement
  • Content documents must be provided as XHTML5
  • All characters must be encoded as Unicode, and Unicode-based fonts (which must be OpenType or WOFF) must be provided for all characters used in a book
  • Follow HTML5 semantics as much as possible
  • The EPUB 3 spec does not mandate a specific way to organize content documents
  • Connect® will render each content document as a single, scrollable page as if viewed in a web browser
  • Make XHTML content documents correspond to the published tables of contents in the print edition, if one exists
  • ...and more...
Input files you can send us and deliverables from our side

Price / page: $ 1.28
Number of pages
Presence of images, tables
and other complications
Num. of audio / video files
Complexity level
Number of animations
Pages with voice over
APK (Android compatible)
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