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iBooks (multi-touch)

Apple's proprietary eBook format

Apple’s iBooks platform supports another format called iBooks Author apart from ePub2 and ePub3. The term “iBooks” can be confusing, so just remember that “iBooks” is an app on the iPad/iPhone that you use when reading e-Books and “iBooks Author” is the Mac application; you can use to create multi-touch e-Books in iBooks format. iBooks Author is a free tool for creating non-fiction fixed layout e-Books, not intended for children’s e-Books.

iBooks Author is a proprietary native e-Book format created by Apple. Using iBooks we could create complex non-fiction e-Books like textbooks, cookbooks, etc. The iBooks Author format can only be read in the iBooks app on iPad/iPhone, and it can only be created in the iBooks Author application on a Macintosh computer.

iBooks Author files are also fixed layout format, meaning that the page layout is static and does not allow the reader to change the font size or other visual settings. However, iBooks Author also has an option for creating a reflowable version of the content that can be accessed by changing the orientation of the device (portrait mode). Normally, the fixed layout design is implemented in landscape while the reflowable design is implemented in portrait, but this can be controlled by the designer when creating the file.

Apple calls these files “multi-touch” because they are designed to include interactive features and content, such as video, audio, and widgets. The format is also structured in a very consistent way for every e-Book, with the chapters and each page within those chapters easily accessible.

ePubMATIC has vast experience in producing multi-touch ibooks files. We could create attractive complex non-fiction e-books like text books, cookery books, academic books, etc.
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Price / page: $ 1.12
Number of pages
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Num. of audio / video files
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