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ePubMATIC is the online platform allowing you to easily create and manage your digital publications without any technical ability, quickly... and cheaply.
We can create for you more than 30 different services of the following types:
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ePubMATIC gives you a complete management, everything is just a click away:
  • Orders (taken in charge, in progress, processed, invoiced, paid...)
  • Sales (all the sales data, receipts and revenues updated in real time)
  • Invoices (files and monthly reports)
  • Users (multi-user access to internal management also on individual series)
  • Files(say goodbye to e-mail attachments, Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc ...)
  • Fast feedback (any problem? Let us know in a few clicks and we will attend you to satisfy your needs)
  • 100% quality (you pay only if you are satisfied)
  • Secure server (all data and files protected by https with 2048 bit-data-encryption).

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ebooks realized as of today
For ALL devices:
- ePub 2.0 - Reflowable (and Mobi): 1755
- ePub 3.0 - Reflowable (and multimedia): 1177
- OCR + proofreading + ePub (and Mobi) :: starting from scanned PDF: 526
For Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices:
- ePub fixed layout (illustrated): 314
- ePub read aloud (TEXT audio-book): 168
- ePub fixed layout read aloud (ILLUSTRATED audio-book): 392
For Apple iOS and Android devices:
- ePub 3 interactive (quizzes and multiple-choice questions): 377
- Fixed layout with enhanced features: 14
For Apple iOS devices:
- iBooks multi-touch (illustrated multimedia and interactive): 142
For Amazon Kindle Fire:
- Amazon Mobi KF8 (fixed layout, illustrated): 144
For Azardi and compatible browsers:
- ePub MathML (with mathematical formulas): 38
Publishing group: 40
Publisher: 330
Self-publisher: 189
3rd party vendor: 111
Organization / institution / foundation: 26
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