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Digital publishing: invest small, win big

Digital publishing: invest small, win big

No cost, just a 5% on books sold
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No exclusivity
Quick payouts
Only 5% commission
One report for all shops
222 linked
No minimum
tie in
Put your catalog on sale

Put your catalog on sale

In the best libraries of the world
For the ebooks distribution we charge a commission to merely 5% of sales. Yes, you read that right!
We are the cheapest in the world! We keep only $ 50 per $ 1000 of sales.

Through your customer area ePubPANEL you have available a single panel of your ebooks to dozens of libraries and can change at any time data, files, prices, covers, etc ...
  • The update is automatic and simultaneous on all online bookstores
  • The sales performance of your ebooks is crystal clear thanks to detailed reports and graphs
  • Payments are quarterly and without a minimum sale value. We don't expect that you made a minimum of $ 100 for paying you: whatever will be the amount we will pay it immediately! Within one month.

Main Partners:

Main partners

Sales models applied

Sales models applied

Agency, Wholesale and Book Club
Just for you three selling models, for selling more!

1)  Almost all libraries on which we distribute adopt the 'Agency Model' (most used in Europe):
you set the price for each ebook and, for each sale, receive a percentage of around 65% (in practice this is the same model used in the 'paper' books market).

2)  The sales model 'Wholesale':
it allows you to distribute your ebooks worldwide.
This model, widely used in USA and Oceania, however, compared to the 'Agency' model, results in a higher commission from the shop: Up to 50% (in practice this is the model used for all products other than books: the shop pays a price to the supplier and then decide at what price sell to the consumer).
In addition, the shop can apply discounts on the price you set, without notifying, and as it sees fit. In practice the store that apply this model enjoys greater freedom than those who apply the 'Agency' model.
If you want to keep your 'earnings by product' unaffected we give you the option to automatically increase the cover price for shops which apply the 'Wholesale' model up to a maximum of 50%.

3)  Finally there is another model, the new generation, the 'Book Club'.
How does it work? The stores that adopt this model allow, through the payment of a monthly subscription, access to a vast catalog of ebooks that can be read in streaming. Via a subscription, the reader can choose what they want to read.

How you earn? The payment will be similar to the 'Wholesale' model, ie 50% off the cover price. The gain will start when the player has read at least 10% of the book.

The sales times logs are the same as those of the main stores: at the end of each month you will receive a sales report of the previous month.

Sample summary table in order to gain $ 6.50 from the sale of an ebook:
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Linked online shops

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