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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your questions

We hope the below FAQs will be helpful.
For further questions or concerns email us, we are always at your disposal.
If you are already our customer, and you need assistance, please first log in and use the appropriate page in the 'Help' area of your ePubPANEL.
Top 23

Top 23

The twenty-three most commonly asked questions

  • What is ePubMATIC?
  • ePubMATIC is a platform with which you can create, manage and publish your ebooks without any technical skill, quickly... and cheaply.
    Moreover we realize many other services for publishers and self-publishers.

  • How does it work ePubMATIC?
  • Simple! Sign up and immediately have access to many services at very favorable prices! An example? We sell your ebooks with 5% fee only or realize your InDesign files to print at the lowest cost you can find online.

  • Why ePubMATIC?
  • "ePubMATIC: always exceeding customer expectations".
    We are a reliable, process centric, cost effective and quality oriented service provider.
    In addition, our customer care answers to emails within a maximum of one hour.

  • How ePubMATIC differs from others in Quality aspect?
  • "Quality is the KEY for customer satisfaction".
    We are maintaining high quality standards in all the aspects, like contents, styles and formatting.
    Since ePubMATIC is a process oriented service provider, we always invests lot of time into technology, process and innovation to get right output for their clients.
    ePubMATIC’s three tier quality checking process will delivers you an outstanding quality deliverable:
    • Tier 1: Tech specialist will do Quality Control initially
    • Tier 2: Quality assurance specialist will do screening explicitly
    • Tier 3: Final Quality assurance specialist will do random quality checking and also check the product based on customer specific requirements and instructions.

  • There are many ebook agencies on the Web, so what is different with ePubMATIC?
  • No, no, no! Only ePubMATIC offers you a free tool to manage your orders and your sells. With ePubMATIC everything is just a click away!

    Services: orders are progressively set to 'ordered', 'in progress' and 'done'. When an output file is ready the customer is notified by e-mail. When the relevant invoice has been issued, the status is set to 'invoiced', then finally, after payment, the order is set to 'completed', and, in the case of creation of ebooks, they may be sold! In this way, the whole life cycle of your orders is always under control.

    Sales: you decide in which stores sell, and at what price, your ebooks. You always have all the sales data, receipts and revenues updated in real time.

    Invoices: either way: if we have to pay for your sales or whether you will be the one to pay for our services, you will always have all the detailed data and a log of the invoices clear and tidy.

    Users: with ePubMATIC you can also assign the management of one or more books series to multiple referents, who can handle all the operations related to production, while the economic and billing management is reserved to the account administrator.

    Files: all input and output files are always at your disposal. You can upload and download your files through the ePubMATIC platform. Say goodbye to e-mail attachments or file sharing systems like Dropbox or Wetransfer, do everything with ePubMATIC.

    Complete statistics and much more!

  • Is the service only for publishers?
  • Of course not!
    Our main customers are publishers and publishing groups, but we also perform many services for agents who work for third parties, for self-publishers and for anyone who has publishing needs.

  • What kind of files can I convert to ebook and what are the output options?
  • The following formats can be converted into an ebook: PDF, InDesign, Word, Open Office, Latex, Xpress, etc.
    The ebook output options are:
    • ePub: normal, multimedia audio-video, fixed layout for iPad (illustrated books), read aloud for iPad (illustrated audiobooks), accessible for visually impaired (text to speech book), any kind
    • Mobi: ebooks for Amazon Kindle
    • KF8: illustrated and multimedia Mobi for Kindle Fire and Fire HD
    • iBooks: multi-touch books for iPad.

  • Do you also offer distribution services?
  • Yes!
    We sell the ebooks of our clients on dozens of online stores. Our commission is only 5% on sales.
    To learn more, click here.

  • What are the shops where you sell ebooks?
  • The shops are over 200 and they sell ebooks in almost every country in the world:
    24symbols, 9am, A. Stein'sche Buchhandlung, AAVAA Verlag, Airberlin holidays, Amahoff Bookstore, Amazon Kindle-Shop, Angus Robertson, Ansenso, Antiqua-Online, Apple iBookStore, Aquensis Verlag, Asaph Buch- & Musikvertrieb, Athene Media Verlag, Athesia Buch, Attatroll Buchladen, BajaLibros, Barnes & Noble, Beam, Besold Buch-Papier, Best-Off-Verlag, BiDi, Bildner Verlag, Bol, Book Republic, Book World, bookhit-GmbH, Bookmate, BookWeb, Börsenmedien, Braunbarth Buchhandlung, Brunnen Bibelpanorama, Brunnen Verlag, Buch Handels Kontor, Buch und Media, Bücher Keuck, Buchgemeinschaft Meran,, Buchhandlung Backhaus, Buchhandlung Brunner, Buchhandlung Dynamis, Buchhandlung Georg Blendl, Buchhandlung Heyn, Buchhandlung Kisch & Co., Buchhandlung Wirthmiller, buchmaxx, Buchzentrum AG,, Byblon Store, Carl Hübscher, Casa del Libro, ceBooks, Ceebo, Cento Autori, Ciando, Collins Books, Comelivres AG, Connectare Marketing, Crossword, Cubolibro, D&R, DEAStore, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Dieter Kroos, Digibooksclub, Diplomica Verlag, Divibib, DocCheck Medical Services, dradiwaberl uni-buchladen, Easons, EasyBook, Ebook, Ebook Gratis,, eBook-Eddie, eBook-Fieber, Ebookizzati, eBookSky,, Ebrary, eBuch Einkaufsgenossenschaft, E-Coon, Eins A Medien, El Corte Inglés, eLesia Verlag, Fachbuch Richter, Feedbooks, Ferdinand Ruckeisen, Fnac, Gandhi, GES Verlag, Geschichtlicher Büchertisch, Harry Buzzel, Heinrich Köndgen, Hoepli, HörGut Verlag, Hugendubel digital, Hummingbird, IBS, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Giardino Dei Libri, ImCoSys AG, Indigo, Ingram, Inkpot UG, INTU, Jura Buchhandlung Gabriele Haßlocher, Kawohl Verlag, Kitapburada, Kobo, KÖBU-Data, Kohlibri René Kohl, Kubon und Sagner, L’Unità, La Central, La Feltrinelli, Leamos, Legimi, Libramente, Libreria Apollodoro, Libreria Ebook, Libreria Fantasy, Libreria Freeonline, Libreria Mazy, Libreria Noir Italiano, Libreria Pour Femme, Libreria Professional Book, Libreria Rizzoli, Libreria Secretary, Libreria Sui Pedali, Libreria Tuttogratis, Libreria Universitaria, Libreria University, Libri supplies independent bookstores, Libris, Librisalus, Liesegang, Life Media Group, Livraria Cultura, Log.os, LSL / Haufe eLibrary, Maciej Klimkiewicz, Mag. Holger Dominik Steinbichler, Marketingverbund Österreich,, Massurgo Verlag, Mayersche Buchhandlung, Metzlersche Buchhandlung, Minimax-Verlag Judith Arndt, Mixtvision Digital, ML Magazine Load, MLOL, Mobilcom-debitel, Mondadori, Morawa Business Subscription Services, MrEbook, My eBooks, National Bookstore, Net-Ebook, New Crown Consultants Establishment, Nineva, Nubleer, Numilog, NWB Verlag, Odilo, Ökumenisches Presseforum, Omnia Buk, Online-Ebook-Shop, OnlineKiosk,, Osiander, OverDrive, PaperC, Paperplus, Pferdia tv, Pick'n Pay, Play, Playster, Pocketbook Readers, Porrua, Prestigio Store, Price Minister, Rakuten, Readfy,, Reteindaco, Rheinbergbuch, S. Toeche-Mittler Verlagsbuchhandlung, Sack Mediengruppe, San Paolo Store, Sarto Verlagsbuchhandlung, Satzwerk Buchhandlung, Schäffer Verlag, Schulkin GbR, Scribd, SEMDOC Fachbuchhandel, Shop Avanti, Skoobe, Smartbooks-ZED, snapload, Sobooks, Softdistribution, Spazierer Buchhandlung, Standaard Boekhandel, Stephan Lauf, Straelener Buchhaus, StreetLib Stores, Tele Entertainment, Thalia und Orell Fssli, The First Club,,, TIM reading, Todos tue ebooks, Tolino Allianz, Tyrolia, unibuch Kassel, Unilibro Libreria Universitaria, VARIA System, Veritas, veron Versicherungsmakler, Versandbuchhandlung Che & Chandler, Virelin, VUB Printmedia, Webster, Weltbild, Wh smith India, Wh smith UK...

  • Can I distribute and sell, through ePubMATIC, even ebooks not made by you?
  • Of course.
    We have a fast system that allows you to import them in the blink of an eye! You just enter the price, we will take care of them!

  • Which format is appropriate for my books?
  • There are many e-book formats available in the market. People who are all new to digital market may get confused and struck in decision making.
    Approach us with your requirements: we will provide right consulting to you for free.
    And more over our ePubMATIC's website loaded with plenty of information, which will helps newbie’s to understand the digital market.

  • What I have to do before I give you my project?
  • You don’t need to become expert at everything. ePubMATIC do everything for you. We make the whole production process as easy as possible for you. You just submit your content to us and the rest we will take care of everything. Finally you will get the right product in your hand.

  • Can ePubMATIC handles service orders for non-English languages files?
  • ePubMATIC has multilingual capabilities. For e-books we can manage all languages written in Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek and Georgian alphabets.
    For all other publishing services in addition to English, we can handle all languages written in Latin alphabet.

  • Can ePubMATIC convert full-color illustrated books, and graphic novels?
  • ePubMATIC has vast experience in converting highly illustrated children books, picture books and graphic novels. These kinds of books are usually most suited to convert as 'fixed-layout e-book' formats, that is to say for devices such as tablets or computers.

  • Are my files safe?
  • The entire platform is under the GeoTrust Inc. https with data encryption to 2048 bits. Our SSL technology makes use of encryption systems for reliable and reserved communications so as to prevent any tampering, falsification or data interception.

  • How quickly can you process an order?
  • In a maximum of 7 - 10 working days from the date of receipt of the file to be converted. Normally we never exceed 7 days. However, if you need an urgent delivery we are always available for requests such as "I need to yesterday!". Just ask :-)

  • How quickly the customer care staff responds?
  • The e-mail support always attends in maximum 1 hour!

  • How and when customers pay for the service?
  • If you placed one or more orders the invoice will be sent via email in PDF format, on the last day of each month.
    You can pay in five currencies: Euro, US. dollar or British pound by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.
    For more info visit this page: payment.htm.

  • How do you accept payment?
  • We accept 29 different currencies (EUR, ARS, AUD, BGN, BRL, BTC, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HKD, HUF, JPY, MXN, MYR, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, TWD, USD and ZAR).
    ePubMATIC accepts PayPal, credit card and prepaid cards options. VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club International, American Express cards are all safely accepted by PayPal.
    For more details, check payment options page.

  • What if there are issues with the delivered output file?
  • No problem, you can send a fast feedback for each order. If the file is right, then you may set its status to 'approved'. Otherwise, just let us know and we will immediately.
    The payment is always made after delivery, then pay only if you're 100% satisfied. It could not be better protected!

    My questions are not listed here...

    My questions are not listed here...

    What can I do?

    ePubMATIC is always ready to answer all of your questions related to technical, commercial as well as anything related to e-Publishing industry.
    Fill out the below contact form, we will be happy to respond and to add a new FAQ that will be useful to other users.
    Thank you.
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