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Privacy policy

Information on the treatment of personal data


1. Premises

The Owner acknowledges the right to privacy of every person, as a fundamental right of protection of personal data; it recognizes the fact that to process such data, is a prerequisite for the protection of certain further basic rights. Hence this policy, which explains how your data will be acquired, updated, used, and deleted in your interaction with the Owner through the Web site (the Site). 

2. Purpose of Data Collection and Processing

The Owner collects your personal data in order to keep you informed, through the Internet, on the activities it carries out and the services it provides in achieving its institutional aims.
The data collected for the online service (on the Site) are functional to the service agreement you sign with the Owner.
Performances include:

a. identify and authenticate the users entitled to the service, aiming to execute any obligation undertaken under this agreement;
b. insert your data in the Owner's database, for statistical purposes as well;
c. manage the payments charged for the service;
d. meet the administrative and book-keeping obligations undertaken under the agreement;
e. respect civil and fiscal laws, regulations, proper Authority's provisions, inspection and control Authorities.

Your personal user data will be processed for the above purposes only, and hence they will not be used without your express consent to any of the following purposes (your denial to these purposes will have no consequences concerning the activities from a) to e) above so called voluntary providing):

f. to do any direct marketing or marketing research;
g. to send you commercial literature and messages, included by interactive means, even without previous specific agreement.

3. Data Disclosed to the Owner

By filling out and sending to the Owner the subscription Agreement available on the Site, you disclose to the Owner personal data and contact information's (including an e-mail address).
No sensitive data will be disclosed to the Owner. In the event that your use of the Site services is intended to disclose your sensitive data, you must previously give notice to the Owner.

4. Processing Third Party Personal Data

In the event that your use of the Site services is intended to disclose third party personal data, you must previously give notice to the Owner which is free to decide whether assent or not. You personally undertake to communicate to those third party the processing of their personal data.

5. Processing Personal Data

5.1. Tools Used to Process Your Data
Your data will be acquired on paper as well as on digital support, the Owner will process them in compliance with the security measures required by law, by using hardware and software tools owned exclusively by, or fully available to, the Owner. Some of your data will be processed on a designated server owned exclusively by the Owner.
The Site embodies a subscription form that you must fill out in order to request the service, enabling the Owner to conclude a service agreement with you as well as to identify you and communicate with you throughout the duration of the service.

5.2. Data Processing Activities
Processing may consist in any or all of the following activities:
collecting, recording, storing, organizing, selecting, retrieving, modifying, extracting, comparing, interconnecting, blocking, sending, deleting, or destroying data, even data not stored in any database.
The access to the personal data collected or acquired by the Owner in providing each online service hosted on the Site, will be granted to those people who, within the Owner's company are tasked to run the service or to meet the obligations undertaken under the service agreement or under the law. The access can also be granted to:

- the Owner's personnel and anyone involved by the above-mentioned services;
- the banking institutions that remit payments for the service;
- the Internet administrations, organizations and structures.

5.3. Data Surfing Collection
Visiting the Site hosted by the Owner may mean that the site is automatically collecting and processing your navigation data: this data collection and processing serves only the purpose of enabling you to consult the site and make sure that your computer and software are properly set up for the service.
The data collected and processed while surfing may include any of the following, among other information identifying your computer and operating system:

- your IP (Internet Protocol) number;
- the Web pages you access;
- the Web browser you are using to access them;
- the last URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address you visited before visiting the Web site hosted by the Owner; - the number code representing the Web servers response to your request for content;
- the username and password necessary to authenticate you as a registered user and will update this data should any changes intervene.

Any statistical data that is collected will be processed as aggregate data and will be anonymous. Finally, your navigation data may be used, should the circumstance arise, to investigate any computer crimes perpetrated against the Web site hosting the service.

5.4. Cookies
The Site uses session cookies that are non persistent and will be deleted after the connection to the Website.

5.5. E-mail
When you e-mail a message to the addresses posted on the Owner's Web Site, the Web server hosting the Site will automatically save and store your e-mail address along with any personal data your message may carry or contain. The e-mail address so acquired is the address that the Owner will use to reply to your message.

5.6. Members Area
The Site contains a Members Area that you can enter by keying in your user ID and password; this restricted area enables:

- you to access the services for which you have signed an agreement with the Owner;
- the Owner to process your data and authenticate you as a registered user, as well as to deliver the service and maintain the Web site and computer system that runs it.

When you enter the Members Area, the system will collect and process data about:

- how you logged in;
- how long your login session lasts;
- what service you request.

These information are used for the sole purpose of running the service and making it secure.

5.7. Collection and Use of Underage's Personal Information
The Owner's services are intended for general audiences and do not knowingly collect any personal information from underage persons. When the Owner collects information concerning users ages, and the users identify themselves as under 18, the site will either block such users from providing personal information. We will not knowingly ask children under the age of 18 to provide more information than is reasonably necessary to provide our services.

6. Access to Your Personal Data

You cannot use the Site services unless you provide the information requested in the Subscription Form and enable access to the login and session data relating to your stay within the Members Area of the Site, and the Owner is under no obligation to deliver the service if you do not make this information available to it. No additional information is required in order to access to the service.

7. Rights To Access to Personal Data And Other User Rights

The concerned subject has the right to obtain the indication of:

- source of personal data;
- purposes and way of handling;
- identity details of the owner, the people in charge and the representative appointed;
- logic applied in case of handling carried out with the help of electronic devices;
- subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or that end up being informed about them, due to their capacity as representatives appointed in the territory of the state, of office holders or people in charge.

The concerned subject has the right to obtain:

- the deletion, conversion into an unnamed form, or the block of the data treated in such a way as infringe the law, including the ones whose conservation is not necessary with reference to the purposes for which the data were collected and subsequently handled;
- the update, amend mentor, if interested, the data integration;
- certification that the operations related to the points a) and b) have been communicated, also for their contents, to the persons to whom the data were communicated or diffused, except when fulfilment is impossible, or the use of means clearly disproportionate with regard to the protected right is implied.

The concerned subject has the right to totally or partially object to the handling of personal data concerning him, carried out in order to send advertising or direct-sale material or for the execution of market researches or commercial communications.

8. Owner Of Your Data

It is your right to contact the Owner in relation to any matter concerning the use of your personal data.
The entity entitled to process your data and responsible for them is:

1164 Sandy Springs Lane - Marietta GA 30062 - USA
EIN 82-2959139
E-mail: info[at]

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