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Our clients are saying
We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients:

Mary Smith - Editor / agent - USA
I have always worked as book editor, until one of the publishers I work for asked me to realise an e-book in ePub format.
At first I thought, “Of course I can manage!" but then I realized that support was needed. Then I discovered ePubmatic! I sent an e-book as a test and it was returned to me in ePub format, perfect, in a short time and at an affordable price.
Since then I have made ​​almost one hundred ebooks, quickly and with great quality. Thank you ePubMATIC!

Tom Brown - Publishers agent - United Kingdom
ePubMATIC has always been a good company to work with, they finalised lots of conversions for me and always provided me with good advice.
Highly raccomended for any projects in digital publishing!

Mauro Sandrini - Self-publisher - Italy
The ebook world is full of boasters. ePubMATIC is not one of them. That is why I entrusted them the electronic realization of my "Elogio degli e-book" project and of all the following projects.

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  • Jimmy Golvorsky - Publishers agent - Canada
  • Full satisfaction: professionality, fast service and courtesy. We followed all your suggestions and we succeeded! Thanks to you, now we have a deeper knowledge about ebooks  and better know how to sell them!
    Thanks from all our staff.

  • Vincent Miccello - Alphabeta books - USA
  • Publishers aren't looking for just data conversion suppliers. They need full service partners. They need ePubMATIC. Thanks guys, you deserve many more customers!

  • Ema Moreno - Alkemia books - Spain
  • ePubMATIC is so user-friendly compared to the other conversion services I have tried, I am touched by this service! The control panel is super!
    I will definitely send you plenty of other books to convert!

  • Karen Nielsen - Subway - Denmark
  • I am an ebook publisher and a regular user of ePubMATIC services. Sigil or Calibre are not enough. They're great for personal use, but useless when it comes to publishing (and selling) ebooks  for professional purposes. Actually, I have a personal experience of wrongly formatted ebooks being rejected, for instance by Kindle Store or iBookStore. Sigil or Calibre only provide a rough conversion if compared to the general publishing standards.
    ePubMATIC offers simple text epubs, multi-touch, fixed layout, multimedia, audiobooks etc., with good quality and free assistance for any issues that may arise after the conversion.
    I suggest trying it!

  • Dante Spencer - Self-publisher - USA
  • Highly recommend ePubMATIC! They converted my books to ePub. Affordable price, flawless job, irreproachable service.
    Thank you guys!

    Quality matters (a lot)

    Quality matters (a lot)

    Some of our clients...
    Quality matters (a lot)
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